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I, geek

"It's always bothered me that if you're a geek about certain acceptable things it's different - if you're into wine you're not a geek, you're a connoisseur. If you're into food you're a gourmet, if you're into cigars you're an aficionado. When you think about cigars it has to be just as esoteric and unimportant as Star Trek, but the cigar guys get laid more".

Richard Kraft


(For the record, I was never that much into Star Trek, but spent a couple of decades being a fairly major Star Wars geek. The prequels cooled my ardour somewhat, although I still cried a single, manly tear at the end of "Revenge of the Sith".)


Besides, geeks can do stuff like this, so don't piss them off.


Both found here.

Tags: science
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